Where did this bill com from??!!!!!

Where did this bill com from??!!!

One of the best kept secrets I utilize and which doesn’t necessarily apply only to QuickBooks®, is this:



Ok, so I said that twice……

Just checking to see if you’d catch it. 🙂

But seriously one of the biggest productivity wasters in business, as in life, is doing the same action more than once when it’s not needed.

Here’s a good example – hand writing checks, then data entering them again in QuickBooks®. Solution: write all checks through QuickBooks® and stop hand writing checks!

Another example; the checking accounts haven’t been reconciled for a while, so you’re not sure what your true cash balances are and you end up going online to check your balance on an all too frequent basis. Solution: get your reconciliations up to date NOW and only write checks through QuickBooks®. (see above tip)

Truthfully, hand writing checks, when you are setup to print them through QuickBooks®, is a symptom of a larger underlying problem.

Like inadequate cash flow, poor financial planning or just plain administrative disorganization.

So, why advertise these symptoms with hand written checks? Be competent, be professional and generate your checks using QuickBooks®!

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