Although I never graduated to the level of being a blindingly fast typist, I have managed to use certain of the QuickBooks®   Keyboard shortcuts to greatly enhance my data entry speed.

Here are the QuickBooks® keyboard shortcuts used to navigate various windows within QuickBooks. My data entry speed and accuracy improve alot when I can keep my fingers on the keyboard, instead of interrupting my flow by reaching for the mouse. Try these out, I think you’ll find them helpful!

Next field


Previous field

Shift + Tab

Beginning of current field


End of current field


Line below in detail area or on report

Down arrow

Line above in detail area or on report

Up arrow

Down one screen

Page Down

Up one screen

Page Up

Next word in field

Ctrl + Right arrow

Previous word in field

Ctrl + Left arrow

First item on list or previous month in register

Ctrl + Page Up

Last item on list or next month in register

Ctrl + Page Down

Close active window

Esc or Ctrl + F4

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